How much does water damage cost?

Water restoration is very hard to give an estimated cost because of the many different scenarios which are involved with a water cleanup. Costs can range anywhere from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars depending on the area that is damaged and what is affected. Also, reconstruction of an area will add to this cost of the job and any type of upgrades in material.

What are the signs of water restoration?

Although sometimes certain areas may look dry and unaffected it could be deceiving because what's behind the walls, ceilings or other areas could have a high moisture rate and cause mold if not treated properly. The area should be properly checked by professionals with the proper equipment.

How long for mold to grow after a water damage?

Mold can grow immediately in certain cases but most cases it will take anywhere from 24 - 48 hours to grow. It is standard in the Water Damage industry to resolve the issue within 48 hours otherwise there is a high potential for mold growth which can cause additional damage and costs in your home.

Can I remove items after a water damage?

It depends on the situation, in some cases you may remove unaffected items from your home which you want to keep. In other cases they may have been damaged by the water or need to be taken into account for insurance reasons. Speaking to an insurance adjuster would be the best course of action to determine your unique situation and how to deal with it.

How long does it take to repair my home after a water damage?

The repairs typically take a few days to weeks which all depends on the severity of the damage, some may take longer if special items need to be purchased or are on back order. Renew Restoration does the water damage cleanup and the repair and reconstruction after a water restoration project as well.

Does a restoration company work with my insurance company?

Yes, Renew Restoration works with the insurance company and uses the same software as most insurance companies to try to obtain the best products for your job which are covered through your policy. Renew Restoration has worked with many major insurance carriers to complete jobs for homeowners and businesses.

What is that smell after a water damage?

Water when combined with other materials can cause different smells and moisture could than cause mold to grow. The smell could be a number of different things but when hiring the proper water restoration company they will test and find the source of the smell and remediate it. When the restoration work is complete, there should not be any type of smell left and before you sign off on any satisfaction agreement you should make sure that any areas of concern are taken care of so the insurance company knows that you are satisfied when you sign the agreement.

Can you bill my insurance directly for water damage?

Yes, typically we will bill the insurance company and the only thing you are responsible for paying is your deductible. Unless you have chosen for upgrades or other additional items which are not covered under your insurance policy which would be clearly stated and agreed upon by you and your insurance company before starting any additional work.

Can I upgrade certain items after a water repair?

Yes, upgrading items after a water damage is possible but in most cases you will have to pay out of pocket for those upgrades. The insurance company will only cover the costs to bring your home back to a pre-loss condition.

Do you take care of the repairs from a water cleanup?

Yes, Renew Restoration is a full service water restoration company with professionals who do the water cleanup and damage but also has a team to complete the water restoration and reconstruction services.

How long does it take until you arrive to clean up the water damage?

We typically arrive within a few hours as we know time is important, our crews will gear up and bring the correct equipment with them within a short time frame. Traffic and the time of the call will affect if it's within an hour or longer but when you call we can give you an accurate time of arrival.

What is the deductible for my insurance company?

Insurance deductibles can vary by company and policy, you will need to call your insurance company and find out what your plan deductible is before proceeding. When paying for a water restoration claim, the process is simple if you use a company that is recommended by your insurance company or one that you choose because it's in your best interest. Renew Restoration works with insurance companies to obtain the best possible products in your home after a damage occurs.

Will my insurance company accept Renew Restoration's estimate?

Renew Restoration has worked with numerous insurance companies and it's up to the customer to find and approve a particular company which they prefer to complete the work. The company process uses Xactimate pricing which is an approved software for the restoration industry with the cost structure that most insurance companies accept for flood and water damage jobs.

What happens to my water damaged furniture after a flood?

Renew Restoration tries our best to restore your old furniture which has sentimental value or a preferred piece of furniture which you want to retain. Our team will try our best effort to keep the furniture but in some cases items cannot be restored to a usable function. In these cases, it's best to replace the furniture with a similar item. Ultimately, we try to please the homeowner and insurance companies but can work with you in furniture replacement situations.